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Kevin Barry's Celebrate 50th year

Night out to celebrate, see details below.

Founded in 1973, Kevin Barry GFC Philadelphia, has had 50 years of great and selfless men who have contributed to the clubs long history of success. It would be impossible to name every person in the last 50 years that has helped the club get to be where we are now. The Club has decided to select one representative from each of the last 5 decades to be a representative of all the club men that made tremendous contributions to the club in that time period.

For 1973-1983 the club has chosen Sean Trainor.

From 1983-1993 the club has chosen Sean Breen.

From 1993-2003 the club has chosen Eamonn Tohill.

From 2003-2013 the club has chosen Barry Colton.

From 2013-2023 the club has chosen Declan Kelly & Garry Kelly.

The club thanks each of these honorees and all of the club men from our past and present that have given so much to the club.


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