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A joint statement from Tom Regan, Chair Philadelphia GAA and Jimmy Simpson, Chair Philadelphia Youth

We know that many are experiencing pain, grief and fear following the senseless death of George Floyd, which has led to both peaceful protests as well as looting and destruction in many major cities, including Philadelphia. While we do not condone violence, we stand with the nonviolent protesters and condemn racism and the systemic oppression of our Black friends and community members.

As members of the GAA, we commit to ensuring that community, inclusivity and respect are at the center of all we do. We welcome everyone to participate in Gaelic games and expect respect to be shown to all by our members on and off the playing fields.

As we work to build a better future, we commit ourselves to listening and to learning. We know this is a monumental task, and hope that conversations around racial injustice will promote compassion, understanding and change. May we move forward together, as one GAA community, to create a brighter future for our members, children and our community.

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