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A Philly Minute With...Patrick McStravog

Name: Patrick McStravog

Clubs: Na Toraidhe Hurling & Camogie Club and Kevin Barry’s Gaelic Football Club

Position: Half forward

Sporting hero: JJ Deleany (Kilkenny)

Favorite song: Luke Bryan "Play it Again" (No judgement)

Favorite movie: Smokey and the Bandit - A classic

Favorite food: My granny’s Irish stew

Favorite drink: Pint of milk

Ideal Holiday Destination: Cancun

Best GAA moment: That’s a tough one but I’d say winning my first county final with Eoghan Ruadh -my club at home.

Ambition for 2020 season: Go to the North American Finals and win another medal.

Pre-match rituals: I always put my right sock and right boot on first.

Any odd items in your football bag: Not really, I’d be happy if I remember my boots.

Best player you have played with: Hurling has to be Damien Casey mans different gravy. Football

has to be the Dude, have you ever seen that man hit a penalty??

Best player you have played against: Conor Johnston - St. John’s my last minor year.

Best trainer in the squad: hurling be Ben Liptock, football is probably Aidan Coyle.

Worst trainer in the squad: ME!!!!

Worst training drill: any sprints...

Your best performance: Minor County Final

One to forget: Too many to name

Where do you like to go out and celebrate after a big win: Anywhere as long as we get a win

Who’s the biggest joker in the team: Bobby Rea someone will have to step up now he’s moved away and left us

Who spends most time in front of the mirror in the dressing room: Tiarnan Donnelly facto....

Who’s the best/worst person to sit beside on the team bus: Me! I complain a lot.

If there was a transfer market who’d be in and who’d be out of the team: Again Casey, best hurler in Ulster.

Best piece of advice you were ever given: "Have a good bed and good pair of shoes, if you're not in one, you're in the other." (Mickey Da)

What’s the best part about being a member of your club: It’s great craic!

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