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A Philly Minute with...Joe McFadden

Name – “Promo” Joe McFadden, first of his name and protector of the realm

Club – Allentown Hibernians Hurling Club

Position – Equipment Manager/Halfback

Sporting hero – Michael Jordan

Biggest achievement – 2015 Philadelphia GAA Hurler of the Year and escorting the 2016 Philadelphia Rose of Tralee

Favorite song – Whoomp! There it is

Any pre-match ritual – Sunday Mass and full Irish breakfast

Favorite TV show – Game of Thrones

Favorite food – Chipotle

Favorite Drink – Miller High Life

Favorite movie – Forrest Gump

Three people you would invite to a dinner party – Benjamin Franklin, Bruce Springsteen, and Connor McGregor just to mix things up.

Ideal Holiday Destination – Hawaii. I’ll start a hurling club there one day.

If not involved in GAA what would you be doing – Housework. Have you seen my lawn lately?

Best trainer on your team – Dan Quay. Rumor has it he runs with his hurl on the treadmill.

Worst trainer on your team – Timmy “Flounder” O’Brien. He never shows up. I think he owes the club some money…

Best GAA moment – Representing the USA at the International Hurling Festival in Galway Ireland. First and last time someone asked me for an autograph.

Best piece of advice you were ever given – YOLO

Where do you like to go out and celebrate after a big win – Filling up the cup with grapefruit mead slushy at the Colony Meadery

Any odd items in your hurling bag – Air horn. You never know when you’ll need it!

Who’s the biggest joker on your team – Yours truly

Who spends most time in front of the mirror in the dressing room – Dave Mahon. The man shows

up with a different hair cut every week. Must be a Mayo thing…

Who’s the best/worst person to share a room with on away trips – If there was an award for Most Valuable Snorer Jay Ehritz would win hands down! You can always count on Jeff “Yo-Yo” Purtell to mix up the Jameson cocktails when you’re trying to catch a nap.

Who’s the best/worst person to sit beside on the team bus – Cormac Staroselec. I don’t know what’s worse the smell of cigarettes or his iPod playlist.

Who has the best and who has the worst diet on the team, and what does it include – Tie between brothers Danny “Donkey” O’Donnell and Pat O’Donnell. Danny eats 5 egg omelets for breakfast, 2 PB&J and 2 turkey sandwiches for lunch and washes it all down with a protein shake. Pat lives on pretzels, peanut chews, and water.

Toughest opponent you have faced – Our very own TJ “Red Helmet” Hirsch. I pity the fool who gives him space.

Best part about playing in Philadelphia – There are only 2 hurling clubs. You beat the other team enough times you get to go to the NACB Finals.

Best or worst quote you’ve heard, either from a manager, player, opponent – “Don’t worry about who’s here or who’s not here, just worry about what you’re doing here.” – Dave Mahon

“I’m the f@#$ing MANAGER!” – Damien Butler

Best ever performance – 2015 NACB Finals in Chicago. We played our best hurling ever just fell a few points short of bringing home the Junior C cup.

One to forget – 2013 NACB Finals in Cleveland, OH. Don’t worry we quickly forgot at the $2 Buck Bar.

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