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A Philly Minute with...Ruairi Goodfellow

Name -Ruairi Goodfellow

Club –Kevin Barry's GFC

Position - Half forward

Sporting hero – Steven Gerrard

Biggest achievement – U14 league champions

Favorite song – Head over Boots

Pre-match ritual – Watch high school musical before every game

Favorite TV show – One Tree Hill

Favorite food – Chicken fillet burger only mayo

Favorite Drink -Bud Light Lime

Favorite movie – The Human Centipede

What Character in any movie are you most like- Zac Efron in HSM

Three people you would invite to a dinner party –Gerrard, Suarez, and Rory Fox

Ambition in 2016 – Win the championship with the Barry's

Where do you like to go out and celebrate after a big win –Jerzeez Sports Bar

Who’s the biggest joker in the teams you play for? Squid

Best Trainer on your team -Conor Mcvarnock

Worst trainer - Fintan McPhilomey

Toughest ever opponent -Caelan Butler

Who spends most time in front of the mirror in the dressing room? Declan Goodfellow

Who’s the best/worst person to share a room with on away trips? Big Nutts

Who’s the best/worst person to sit beside on the team bus? Tiarnan Mcveigh best, Paul mason worst

Who has the best and who has the worst diet on the team, and what does it include? Fintan -cheeseburgers every night of the week

If there was a transfer market who’d be in and who’d be out of the team? Crippy out, Sean Cavanagh in

Favorite memory playing in Philadelphia? Winning the Jim Harvey trophy

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