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Where are the games played?
The Limerick Field Complex - 485 Longview Road, Limerick, PA 19468
How are the sports played and who can play?
Gaelic football and hurling are unique sports that are being played all over the world. From North American to Asia, to Africa, people are getting involved with local GAA clubs. Players of all skill levels and ages can find a team to join in Philadelphia.
When does the season run? 
The local GAA season runs from April through August. Individual teams may start as early as January, recruiting players and having light practice sessions. The Philadelphia Championship runs June through August, with the winners traveling to the USGAA National Championship Weekend at the end of August.  
Are injuries common?
No. Physical contact in Gaelic games is limited to a shoulder-to-shoulder charge with the player in possession of the ball. 
How can I get involved in playing or watching the games?
No experience necessary! To get involved check out a full list of our teams or come up to the Limerick Field Complex to see a game.


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