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A Philly Minute with... Yianni O'Hara

Name - Yianni O'Hara

Club – Na Toraidhe- Philly Hurling and Camogie Club

Position - Midfield

Sporting hero – I'd say Brian Dawkins. Although, Brian O'Driscoll comes in a close second.

Biggest achievement – Graduating from college is probably tops on the list, so far.

Favorite song – At the moment, it's Finish Line by Chance the Rapper. Africa by Toto is timeless though.

Favorite TV show – I'm a Seinfeld guy.

Favorite food – Pizza

Favorite Drink - Coffee

Favorite movie – I have a lot of favorites! One of them is Man on Fire, with Denzel.

What Character in any movie are you most like - That's a tough question. I fancy myself similar to Bodhi from Point Break. I haven't robbed any banks though.

Ambition in 2016 – To make it to 2017

Three people you would invite to a dinner party - I'm inviting Jim Gaffigan, Rob Gronkowski, and Steve Coogan.

Ideal Holiday Destination- I'd love to check out Morocco. There's surfing, awesome food, vibrant culture. That place intrigues me.

If not involved GAA what would you be doing - Before hurling, my sport was rugby. I'd probably be playing for my club, Blackthorn RFC.

Best Trainer on your team - Ben Lawhon Liptock. He pushes everyone around him to work harder during sessions.

Who is the worst trainer? Tyler Earnest. For sure. I don't think he'd deny it either.

Toughest ever opponent - I'd give that distinction to TJ Hirsch. He's shifty.

Best GAA moment - Winning the League last year was nice. We're off to Seattle for Nationals at the end of this summer, so hopefully I'll have a better answer soon!

Best piece of advice you were ever given – "A loose groin is a happy groin." Can't remember who told me that..

Where do you like to go out and celebrate after a big win – After a big win, the club usually heads to Plough and the Stars, down in Old City.

Any odd items in your football bag? Almonds

Who’s the biggest joker in the teams you play for? Ger O'Sullivan thinks he's funny.

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