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A Philly Minute With...Kelly Nolan

Last year, Kelly Nolan won Ladies Footballer of the Year. This year she is captain of the Notre Dames and hopes to lead them to an inter-divisional championship against Pittsburgh in August.

Name – Kelly Nolan

Club – Notre Dames LGFC

Position – half back

Sporting hero – Mia Hamm

Favorite song – Eye to Eye by Tevin Campbell (from Goofy Movie)

Favorite food – Pho

What Character in any show are you most like – Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

Three people you would invite to a dinner party – the Holy Trinity (Bae, Rhi Rhi, and Nikki)

Ideal Holiday Destination – anywhere in Europe

Ambition in 2016 – Bringing back the cup from NACB finals!

Where do you like to go out and celebrate after a big win – da club, anywhere will do but we have fun at Smith’s and Fado’s!

Who’s the biggest joker in the team – Asia/Kathy/Nicola

Who spends most time in front of the mirror in the dressing room – Hard to say, but I will say some of the girls wear tanning lotion during games and the uniforms don’t look so great afterwards

Who’s the best/worst person to share a room with on away trips – Ciara Trainor, she might be the best and worst. ​Worst because she is so nervous prior to games, and best because she knows how to have a good time :)

Who’s the best/worst person to sit beside on the team bus – Best, Mary Beth for the sing-alongs

Best or worst quote you’ve heard, either from a manager, player, opponent – Danielle, throw some dirt on it

Best part about being a Dame - the girls, and getting to play and win together as a team

Best ever performance – home game against Pittsburgh!

One to forget – Chicago, nuff said

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